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Welcome to Guitar Lessons Tulsa. Where you can learn to play guitar regardless of your experience or age.

If you are still wondering how you can learn how to play guitar you may have some questions you need to be answered. Questions like, how much are guitar lessons, are there any guitar lessons in Tulsa OK, are there any guitar lessons near me, or are there any good guitar teachers near me? Lucky for you, you found our site. We have answers to all of those questions and more!

When you make the final decision to learn guitar, you will need a guitar teacher that best fits your playing style and learning style. We can offer you both.

Our lessons can help you if you are a beginner or advanced player. We teach both kids and adults. We also offer various types of guitar lessons such as electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and more!

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About Us

About Guitar Lessons Tulsa

Guitar Lessons Tulsa has been in the community offering the very best guitar lessons for years. Not only do we pride ourselves on our instructors, but we pride ourselves on the accomplished students we have helped to produce.

No matter what your guitar goals are, we can guarantee that our instructors have the combined experience to make it happen. If you want to learn electric guitar and learn to play metal, we have an instructor to teach you specific techniques to make you shine in that genre.

Perhaps instead you wish to play electric guitar but play Jazz music in a band. We have an instructor for that too! One who is more than capable of showing you scales and modes you can apply to any song in any key. Soon you will be making wonderful solos on the spot in no time.

Why Choose Us?

Why would you choose Guitar Lessons Tulsa over another local Tulsa guitar teacher? The answer is simple. We have created a wonderful musical community and family within our facility.

Our local guitar teachers have not only combined experience which guarantees your ability to learn techniques specific to the genre you wish to learn. But, it also guarantees that you will soon be in touch with an acquaintance to help you reach your goals if you wish to pursue other specific dreams.

Dreams such as playing in a band, church group, or need to know where you can play on your own for a solo performance. Our instructors are a wonderful resource helping to make the dreams a reality.

Our students are proof that when you sign up for our local Tulsa guitar lessons, we will help you gain the confidence and skills you need. Don’t believe us? Review our customer testimonials!

Our facility has worked under that same company values since we were founded. These values have been applied to each and every student walking through our front doors and will be demonstrated for you during your lessons.

  • Customer Experience
  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness

When you attend our lessons we want to gain your trust as a student. We want you to trust that the knowledge you are receiving is both relevant and accurate.

We want every customer experience to be a positive interaction. We want to see you leave each lesson excited to return the following week for more knowledge. We could not accomplish this without a good customer experience and wonderful customer service.

Honesty is the most important. If you are struggling in a particular area, then you need an honest instructor who is willing to bring this to your attention and help keep you accountable.

What To Expect?

What can you expect when you walk through the front doors of Guitar Lessons Tulsa? You can expect the same customer experience countless other students have come to love and rely on for years.

You can expect that any instructor you work with will follow the same company virtues as the next. Your positive experience should absolutely not differ from any other student that has taken our lessons.

When you arrive at your first lesson, we will review some questions that will help us get to know our wonderful new student. We will ask questions about your previous guitar playing experience, musical interests, and guitar playing goals.

We want to learn more about you, so we can find a guitar teacher that best fits your individual needs and goals. When you begin your lessons your local Tulsa guitar lessons teacher should be equipped with knowledge that can help you on the path you need to succeed.

Next, we will review our lesson plans. This notebook will contain detailed plans for different techniques and material you need to know as you begin building your experience.



beginner guitar lessons tulsa

Beginner Lessons

Are you someone that has never touched a guitar before in their entire life? Don’t worry and don’t let it discourage you from learning. That’s what we are here for! When learning guitar it is important to not only learn the material but learn the basics correctly and build a solid foundation to build on later as you learn.

kids guitar lessons tulsa

guitar lessons for kids

We always love teaching kids. We are confident your child will find the material our instructors teach to be not only relatable to children but fun as well! Your child will love learning the basics of guitar and you can both be proud when your child is playing complex riffs and solos.

tulsa bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

Our bass guitar lessons are a great way to help get you fired up for the rhythm and tempo in a song. When you take our bass guitar lessons you will learn special techniques specific to the bass such as slap bass, chords, scales, and more.

tulsa electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Our electric guitar lessons are perfect for you regardless of your past experience. We start with the basics and move you up to advanced lessons when you are ready. We review material ranging from strumming techniques, scales, modes, chords, and much more! No matter the genre you need your electric guitar for our lessons can help prepare you for it.

tulsa acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Learning to play the acoustic guitar is a wonderful place to start for any brand new musician. With our acoustic guitar lessons, you will learn how to play guitar chords, scales, strumming techniques, and more!

tulsa classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

If you are looking to take that next step in your lessons classical guitar is a wonderful way to go. Soon you will understand complex chords, strumming techniques, scales, and music theory that help make these songs what they are.

tulsa guitar lessons for adults

guitar lessons for adults

Beginning with teens and up, our guitar lessons for adults are a wonderful place to begin lessons. This is regardless of your previous guitar playing experience. We want to help further your knowledge or get you started on the right track.

Service Area

About tulsa ok

Tulsa is a city that is located along the Arkansas River. Its population is 383,520. The unemployment rate is currently at 8.5% while the U.S. average is at 7.3%. The current income tax rate for Tulsa is at 5.0% while the U.S. income tax rate is at 4.6%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Bixby
  • Jenks
  • Sapulpa
  • Sand Springs
  • Glenpal
  • Kiefer
  • Kellyville
  • Oakhurst
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a metronome, and do I need one?

A metronome is a small device that uses clicks or flashes to help you keep the proper timing of a song or speed. This is especially useful when learning scales and quickening the speed of your fingers. They are relatively inexpensive and are very helpful when it comes to learning the guitar. We recommend you have one but are not required while taking lessons.

What is a guitar amp, and do I need one?

A guitar amp, simply put, is a speaker that you play your guitar through. This is a necessity when learning to play the electric guitar. However, if you are learning to play the acoustic guitar it is not required. There are acoustic guitars that you can plug into an amp just like you would with an electric. During concerts or recording artists frequently use a microphone to amplify the sound of their acoustic guitar and run it through an amp that way.

What are guitar tabs?

Guitar tabs are a special kind of sheet music for guitar players. Don’t worry it is very easy to learn as it is simply numbered on certain lines that tell you which fret, to hit on which string, and when. This is a very useful tool when teaching yourself new songs. We will cover guitar tablature in more detail during your lessons.

What is palm muting?

Palm muting is a special strumming technique guitar players use. It is particularly useful for guitar players that play the electric guitar. It is achieved by the player resting their right hand on the strings near the bridge of their guitar while strumming.

Customer Testimonials


I signed my son up for electric guitar lessons about four years ago. I figured it would be a good way for him to learn to expel some of his energy. A few months later, I heard him playing a song I used to listen to on the radio. I go into his room and I see he is dancing around in his room while playing this song. It made me so happy to watch. I’m so glad I made the decision to sign him up for lessons at Guitar Lessons Tulsa.

Jon B.


Two years ago, I decided I wanted a new hobby to keep myself occupied and decided I would learn how to play guitar. I bought an acoustic guitar and was soon able to play different chords along with some of my favorite songs. It is so relaxing to play and I find it helps relieve stress. I love the enthusiasm my instructor demonstrates during every lesson. I look forward to going every week. Thank you so much for teaching me.

Veronica H.


I wanted to play in a band as long as I could remember. It always looked like so much fun. My grandma signed me up for lessons and I have loved every single minute of my lessons. I learned about techniques and material I didn’t know existed, so I am so glad I didn’t try to simply learn from videos online. My instructor prepared me for so much I am so grateful. I have also started a band thanks to some guys I met at Guitar Lessons Tulsa and we actually are going to play our first show in a couple of weeks. You guys are seriously the best!

Chayce P.

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