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Customer Testimonials


I signed my son up for electric guitar lessons about four years ago. I figured it would be a good way for him to learn to expel some of his energy. A few months later, I heard him playing a song I used to listen to on the radio. I go into his room and I see he is dancing around in his room while playing this song. It made me so happy to watch. I’m so glad I made the decision to sign him up for lessons at Guitar Lessons Tulsa.

Jon B.


Two years ago, I decided I wanted a new hobby to keep myself occupied and decided I would learn how to play guitar. I bought an acoustic guitar and was soon able to play different chords along with some of my favorite songs. It is so relaxing to play and I find it helps relieve stress. I love the enthusiasm my instructor demonstrates during every lesson. I look forward to going every week. Thank you so much for teaching me.

Veronica H.


I wanted to play in a band as long as I could remember. It always looked like so much fun. My grandma signed me up for lessons and I have loved every single minute of my lessons. I learned about techniques and material I didn’t know existed, so I am so glad I didn’t try to simply learn from videos online. My instructor prepared me for so much I am so grateful. I have also started a band thanks to some guys I met at Guitar Lessons Tulsa and we actually are going to play our first show in a couple of weeks. You guys are seriously the best!

Chayce P.

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